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  Dougal Black Carpentry

Dougal Black Carpentry

Dougal Black is a carpenter of rare skill, base near Culloden just outside Inverness, but much in demand across the UK. He specialises in designing and making one-off pieces of furniture for discerning clients, ranging from a small stool through dining suites and up to entire libraries.

Like many skilled craftsmen Dougal is a very busy man, and though he knew that a regularly updated website was important to his business, he was finding the time to update his site very difficult, and the process of updating far from user-0friendly or intuitive. That’s where Plexus comes in.

Through word of moth, Dougal heard that we had developed a powerful but very easy to use content management system (CMS) that would help him spend less time fighting his website, and more time focussing on what he does best - creating unique furniture.

Plexus have developed a simple to use and elegant website for Dougal that lets him update content easily, quickly and efficiently. In addition, we’ve recently reprogrammed the site to ensure that it works as well on mobile devices as on the desktop.

Dougal recently told us that the site has transformed his work by bringing him many new and exciting projects both locally and further afield across the UK. Simply put, it’s now the most effective tool he has for getting more work.

Visit the website:

“The website brings me a lot of business. It is often remarked upon by customers who are impressed at the professional look, so many thanks for building it so well!”

Dougal Black, Dougal Black Carpentry
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