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  Glasstorm Studio

Glasstorm Studio

Based in Tain, GLASSTORM has recently been established by the creative duo Brodie Nairn & Nichola Burns. Together they have created a vibrant new glass studio and gallery.

We took their previously static design and updated it. The redesign maintains a consistent look throughout the website, which is flexible and completely editable. The website features a flash gallery and a simple online shop for their products, which are both easily maintained by them, quickly and simply.


Visit the website:

The Plexus team have been excellent to work with. From the early discussions of our website needs to final product and payment the team have been efficient, professional, yet friendly, approachable and dedicated. Timelines were met without hassle or stress, and our on-going relationship has been great. For all those who have had bad experience with web design groups or those who find it all a bit daunting I really cannot recommend Plexus highly enough.

Nichola Burns, Glasstorm Studio
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Plexus are an extremely easy bunch to work with...... nothing is a trouble. Really happy with the simplicity of our Glenshee Tourist Association website and the ease of workability. Thanks Plexus.

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