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Passing Off on Adwords

This one had us confused for a while - have a look at the search results below.

Condies are a firm of solicitors in Perth, but the pink sponsored ad at the top of the page is for their competitors, Next Home Online. In general it's considered OK to have your Adwords advert appear when someone searches for your competitor*, but where it becomes a bit questionable is when you use their name in the text of your advert in a way which is intended to be misleading. Would you be misled by this? We certainly were.

Is the advert still appearing? Click Next Home Online to see.

*European court ruled on this - see this page for more info.
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I always thought websites were only for the sort of people who always had a tame geek around - until I discovered Spanglefish! Their websites are so easy to use that a child of 5 could probably build a better site than any of the four I have now set up. One's for our village hall, another for the local newsletter, one's for my business and one's a personal site about gardening. They're all entirely different, but all use the standard Spanglefish template. Read More...

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