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About David

Dave in hirsute brylcreamed Italian crooner modeDavid (or Dave to his friends) lives in Cromarty together with his wife Gillian and many friends. He has six children, yet luckily (and for the sake of his sanity), they have all left home and have settled themselves all around the UK and the world (Although, some keep coming back!).

Dave left Christchurch, on the South Coast of England and landed in the town of Cromarty in the Highlands of Scotland nearly twenty five years ago, at which time they took away his passport and never let him leave.

Good looking, suave and sophisticated (yes, Dave has temporarily taken over editorial control of this third paragraph) Dave enjoys a number of pastimes including writing, reading, world cinema, swimming, and keeping healthy. He's also a self-confessed, self-builder too. He also likes drinking good wine (mostly red). Oh, and listening to a very wide range of music (something that all Plexus employees have to do!. In fact, I think it's somewhere in our terms and conditions of employment!).

Dave going google-eyed at the prospect of yet another cake.David is very active in the community and much of his spare time is spent wearing a number of different hats for various organisations around the town or, enjoying a glass of wine or two at various tables around town (for cultural and community reasons of course!).

On a more less-professional but more fun note, David's on the Board of the planB contemporary dance group, is a member of the Steering Group for Inverness Public Arts and together with close friends, helps run the Local Film Society and the Annual Cromarty Film Festival.


You can Email dave at:

And the Cromarty Film Festival site at:

And the Cromarty Film Society Website at:


Rants . . .

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