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About Gill

Gill Fea with tall friend - she's not the shorty she looks ;)Gill joined Plexus in late 2011, taking over the day-to-day set-up and monitoring of our Spanglefish websites system from Dave who now focusses more on running the company and networking with clients and partners.

As well as setting up free websites, Gill is also a 'Plexus Creative' and is also in charge of Spanglefish banners and other Graphics. She also provides support for Spanglefish Gold users and now provides support for advertisers on our recently revamped Black Isle Info website. As the only female in the office proper (Joy lurks in the back room at times), Gill determinedly stands up for the right of women everywhere to hammer away at keyboards and squeeze mice.

Picture: No, she really is that wee (her friend is just 5' 2"), and is a fully signed-up member of 'MunchkinsRus', the national union of shorties, tinies and the vertically challenged. Since joining Plexus she's also lost her wings due to repeatedly battering against the light bulb.

Gill Fea - graphics, guzzling, and giggler extraordinaireGill engulfing a doughnut. Until recently an enthusiastic eater of our local bakery's buns (mostly chocolatey things), Gill has somehow managed to preserve her svelte figure and not become the size of a small house.

We put this down to the fact that she has to burn extra energy resisting the constant barrage of weird music and sarky banter from the rest of the team. Or, it may be her enthusiastic pursuit of outdoorsy equine galloping at a stable in nearby Fortrose when not working at Plexus - mucking about and mucking out clearly keeps you fit.

Likes: Horses; more horses; sugar lumps; soft, velvety noses; Nellie the Spaniel and her big, fluffy paws. And did we mention horses?

Dislikes: Mincemeat Tarts; tea with not enough milk in it; postie being nagged by Colin for leaving the door open.

Rants . . .

Dave's Rants - Mindless Throwaway Music, the word 'cool', TV News, the word 'entrepreneur, Planning Regulations, and more.

Colin's Rants - Leaf Blowers, Sports Exhausts, DVD Players, and other irritations.

Garve's Rants - Weather presenters and their misuse of the English language.

Jamie's Rants - Coming Soon. Promise

Gill's Rants - Coming Soon, if she can but overcome her natural modesty and retiring nature.

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