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About Jamie Pond

Jamie on a Friday afternoonI joined the company in January 2006. After gaining my degree in Genetics at Glasgow University I wandered the bleak fields of the retail world (well I worked in games shop) trying to decide what to do with my career.

I stay in Fortrose with my wife Ruth and our two daughters. I enjoy trying to keep fit (or rather, trying not to be unfit by at least going for regular walks or playing the odd game of badminton), listening to music (see below) and watching a good film as often as I can. I do the reverse commute with Garve to Cromarty in the mornings and we probably spend as long driving to work as many people spend waiting before the Kessock bridge in the winter.

Down to the important stuff . . Cakes. I spent my first few years at Plexus, trying to be self-righteous, only eating fruit. Over time my resolve crumbled (not unlike my favourite delicacy) and I can now be regularly seen scoffing a large rock bun.


Here's what I've been listening to over the last week (via the nice API):

Rants . . .

Dave's Rants - Mindless Throwaway Music, the word 'cool', TV News, the word 'entrepreneur, Planning Regulations, and more.

Colin's Rants - Leaf Blowers, Sports Exhausts, DVD Players, and other irritations.

Garve's Rants - Weather presenters and their misuse of the English language.

Jamie's Rants - Coming Soon. Promise

Gill's Rants - Coming Soon, if she can but overcome her natural modesty and retiring nature.

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I always thought websites were only for the sort of people who always had a tame geek around - until I discovered Spanglefish! Their websites are so easy to use that a child of 5 could probably build a better site than any of the four I have now set up. One's for our village hall, another for the local newsletter, one's for my business and one's a personal site about gardening. They're all entirely different, but all use the standard Spanglefish template. Read More...

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