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We like to think we make our website's as accessible as possible, to as wide a range of viewers as possible.

Nowadays tools assisting accessibility are built into all modern browsers, and internet users who need this assistance know how to use them. Users also have such a variety of needs that it is impossible to cater for them all. People with poor vision need to be able to vary the look of a site; blind users need sites which can be read out by screen readers; some people with motor function disorders cannot use a mouse, and need to navigate through sites using keyboard shortcuts.

For these reasons it is much more important to ensure you do not place barriers in the way of accessibility than trying to provide facilities which might be of benefit to them.

For instance, older websites might have links allowing the user to change the font size. These were often very difficult for a partially sighted person to find, and were of course completely useless to a blind person. Nowadays, holding down the Ctrl key and pressing the + key will perform the same task.

The following techniques help to make this a reality.

  • The use of well formatted text instead of plain graphics.
  • Never creating navigation systems using technologies such as javascript or Flash.
  • Always separate content from styling so that users can enforce their own styles.
  • A consistent style of navigation is maintained throughout the website.
  • Endeavouring to make all web content conform to W3C standards.
  • All images used have a suitable alternative text.


Web Standards

This website, like all of our work is authored to produce valid HTML and CSS, complying with the standards published by the W3C.

If you experience any problems using this site, please contact us.

PS. If you've tried it out and are now stuck with the bigger font size, try Ctrl and 0 to reset your browser. (That's Ctrl and zero)


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