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Plexus is renowned for having been powered by buns from our local bakery (only two doors away - so tempting!) for nearly 15 years. Unfortunately, over that time we’ve run up very large bills to cover the buns, cakes and pastries we’ve consumed. So we came up with this genius idea . . why not get visitors to our site to buy them for us instead?

So here’s your opportunity to donate a bun or two to a very good cause (us) online, and pay for it via Paypal. Go on. You know you want to.

HELP! Buy us healthy fruit instead!
you decide how muchHELP! Buy us healthy fruit instead!
Well, what can you say? We know that five-a-day is supposed to be good for you. Our mistake was thinking this meant five buns per day. Time to help us resist the evil calories by buying us some fruit instead . .
Millionaire Shortbread
only 74p eachMillionaire Shortbread
This is, no doubt, the favourite snack of Westminster's 'millionaire' cabinet, and like them it tends to make you feel a bit sick. Rich shortbread topped with a layer of soft caramel and then with thick chocolate, it starts off deliciously, but by the end you wish it hadn't been chosen. Just like the cabinet, then.
Apple & Custard Danish
only 76p eachApple & Custard Danish
A bit of a dark horse in the sticky bun world. It's not got the rich 'oomph' of a Pecan Danish, nor the sweet sugariness and inate nibbleworthiness of a Chelsea, but the custard and apple combination is a good one, and it's subtleties go very nicely with a good hot cup of tea.
Chelsea Bun
only 65p eachChelsea Bun
A big, round, firm and full-bodied handful. The Chelsea Bun is a constant sugary temptation whose ample, voluptuous charms are difficult to resist. A couple of these proud and sticky handfuls is enough to keep any man satisfied. Colin's pastry of choice, naturally.
Apple Tart
only 76p eachApple Tart
Crisp but moist pastry dusted with sugar, and a moist apple filling - these tarts are a good morning's snack, and a good choice as a supposed 'healthy' alternative to a more sugary or icing-covered bun (well, it's got fruit in it so it must count as one of your five!). This is what Colin usually has when resisting the more provocative come-hither charms of a full-bodied Chelsea Bun.
Almond Danish
only 76p eachAlmond Danish
Oh. My. God. This is 'taste heaven' for some, and when I say some I mean Dave. Yes, the Almond Danish is definitely a favourite and reputed to be more tempting than Venus rising naked from the depths of the sea. Or something like that!
Rock Bun
only 65p eachRock Bun
Jamie's current favourite when not devouring huge quantities of fruit! Like all high quality buns of this nature, these have a current to pastry ratio of 50:50 making them the ideal choice when claiming to generally stay healthy whilst still eating a bun. Jamie is currently in hospital suffering from a suspected fructose overdose!
Toffee Muffin
only 74p eachToffee Muffin
Frankly, I'm not usually a toffee fan. Too often it can taste more of coffee than caramel, and I absolutely loathe coffee cake. However, in this instance it works very well. The sticky toffee flavouring is slightly spicy as well as sweet and rich, and the final aftertaste a nice, satisfying one, especially with a nice hot cuppa.
Almond Tart
only 74p eachAlmond Tart
Ah yes, the Almond Tart. Because of its size it's the perfect fallback when you're pretending to be slimming (I'm talking Colin here!). Just as many calories as any of the other wonderful delicacies and yet, packed neatly into a small and perfectly formed cake. Yes, Colin can regularly be heard calling for a small, perfectly formed tart!
Mincemeat Tart
only 76p eachMincemeat Tart
Only available around Christmas, which is probably a good thing given Garve's complete and total addiction. HEALTH WARNING: Do not put these in the microwave for more than 20 seconds as severe burns can result (isn't that right Dave!)
Dream Ring
only 74p eachDream Ring
Providing an unbelievably rich elevenses experience, this bun is crisp on the outside, chewy within, generously filled with sweetened mock cream, and finished with a liberal coating of icing on the top. It's a snack so decadent that you feel queazy and a bit guilty after eating it. But you still know it was worth every delicious moment.
Rhubarb Tart
only 76p eachRhubarb Tart
The Rhubarb Tart is probably our one concession to reasonably healthy cake consumption. Ok, it still includes liberal sugar dusting on its firm and tempting pastry, but it's stuffed full of healthy stewed rhubarb, and that can't help but be a healthier option than cakes liberally covered in sugary icing. No?
Iced Doughnut
only 65p eachIced Doughnut
"Doughnut forsake me, O my darlin". This decadent snack is indeed high-noon for all but the most determined dieter. A crispy, sugary outer and chewy inner, this deep-fried doughnut is liberally covered with icing and finished with strips of dripped chocolate. When you've got a shoot-out brewing, the calories of this substantial treat make it a real Academy Award-winner.
Chocolate Cupcake
only 74p eachChocolate Cupcake
"Delenda est Carthago" as the great Cato said, and I'm sure you agree. You can't make an omelette without breaking eggs, or luxuriate in a chocolatey delight such as this without paying the price in calories. Moist, chocolate sponge, topped with chocolate fudge and a butter-cream twist. Lovely. Cato would have relished one.
Banoffee Tart
only 74p eachBanoffee Tart
The Banoffee Tart is not everyones favourite but for some it simply doesn't get any better than this. That all pervasive taste of banana as you bite into this soft, luscious delicacy is something very, very special. Bring it on I say!
Pecan Danish
only 76p eachPecan Danish
Oooomph! The ultimate bun for many. The Pecan Danish is pure sex in pastry form. Delicate fingers of pastry fold across the bun tantalising the viewer with little glimses of the warm, luscious syrup beneath. As you bite in you're transported to what can only be desribed as 'Bun Heaven'. But be careful, this cake delicacy is not for the faint-hearted . . or anyone with a heart condition for that matter!
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