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Chris Cardell -

This was a very mildly critical article about some unsolicited marketing material sent to us which purported to be from a friend, which we found disconcerting. In it we mention that we're quite impressed by the way it was done. Despite the light tone, we've received a cease and desist letter from Chris Cardell's lawyers, Preovolos and Associates of San Diego, California, sent by FedEx. The letter claims, amongst other things, that we are infringing Chris Cardell's intellectual property rights by using his name (which is his trademark) and by showing a scanned image of the unsolicited marketing material he sent us. Saying we can't mention his name would be the same as saying we couldn't use the word FedEx a few lines above, which is crazy. However, we're not certain about the image so have replaced it below.

8 July 2010

File under 'Clever but annoying marketing'! This arrived this morning in what looked like a handwritten envelope.

Masquerading as a torn-out article from a newspaper, check the yellow post-it addressed to Dave.

A complaint against a similar junk mail campaign by this chap was upheld by the Advertising Standards Authority. See the decision here.

The junk mail 'article' itself was far too dull to bother reading, but we do feel we were misled by the yellow sticky saying:


I saw this and thought of you. This guy is brilliant. Have a look at his website.


It's difficult to see this as having any intention other than to make you believe that someone who knows you has torn out the article and posted it to you.

Would you have anything to do with this chap?  We wouldn't, but pehaps some might feel that if he can be that ingenious then perhaps he's worth dealing with.

Note: within 12 hours of posting this, we'd had 20 hits from people searching Google for - this must be a pretty big campaign!
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