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  Aigas Community Forest

Aigas Community Forest

Aigas Community Forest is a community run social enterprise aiming at securing the 700 acre Aigas Forest, and operating it as a productive, working forest providing social, economic and environmental benefits for residents of and visitors to Lower Strathglass.

Studies have demonstrated that the woodland could be run as a profitable enterprise providing benefits for the community whilst also being sensitively managed from a nature conservation stand point.

Plexus were apponted by Aigas Community Forest group to design a professional and appealing web presence for the project, with a double function of publicising the groups efforts as well as inviting financial support form sponsors and donors.It is important that the group can make changes to the site quickly and effectively, reflecting the speed with which developments take place. In addition, with varied levels of IT experience amongst the group members, maximum ease of site updating and editing is crucial.

The new site uses Plexus own ‘WebStarter v5’ CMS, customised to the groups specific needs, to provide these capabilities. The Plexus team wish them the best of good fortune with their project.

Visit the website:

“I'd like to say thanks for the work you have done.  The site looks fantastic and works brilliantly.  The WebStarter CMS is easy to use.  And this has all been done quickly and efficiently - and a very reasonable price!  I'm pleased that we chose to work with Plexus and look forward to the opportunity to add further functionality to the site as our fundraising activity increases.”

Andrew Leaver, Aigas Community Forest
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Great company. Highly recommended! I am extremely pleased about the design and functionality of our newly launched website. And what's even more important: our customers love it! 
The ‘WebStarter site management package’ is easy to use and ideal for people who can only spend a limited amount of time working on their website, but still want to be independent when alterations are necessary. Read More...

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