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  Black Isle Local Larder

Black Isle Local Larder

Plexus have been working with Transition Black Isle for some years, so we were delighted to win the contract for their new 'Local Larder' project. The site is designed to highlight local food producers and their products, and to be eye-catching, easy to navigate and satisfying to use. And the responsive programming ensures the site works just as well on hand-helds as it does on desktop computers.

Coupled with the attractive design, the database system behind the site enables the Transition Black Isle administrators to easily and quickly add new producers, categories, locations and service information as and when needed, and stay on top of general site updates too.

Visit the website:

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They designed the perfect website, and we have received so many great comments about it. Its eye catching and professional looking, but so easy to update and manage by non techies like us Read More...

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