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  Black Isle Woodturning

Black Isle Woodturning

Black Isle Woodturning recently took over the Ullapool Woodturning Centre when its proprietor retired, and Andy at Black Isle Woodturning was really struggling to manage its existing website. It had been developed with stone-age HTML, had a very primitive online editing system, and was simply not compatible with smartphones and tablets. Andy realised that an urgent revamp was necessary.

Plexus's task was to develop a brand new website that would look really professional, allow Andy to easily and quickly update the site content, and be flexible enough to allow the straightforward addition by Plexus of new functionality and site sections. Andy plans to expand the online catalogue section of the site in 'phase 2' in 2015 so that he can manage and sell all of the products he holds, and Plexus sophisticated and flexible programming foundation will make this a smooth and efficient process when the time comes.

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