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  Caley Boats

Caley Boats

Caley Marina Brokerage Service is an arms of Caley Marina, a family run business based in Inverness. They have been offering a brokerage service for some, time, but for a busy administrator the old site was proving problematic as the volume of boats grew, and more an more information was added to the site. Plexus to the rescue!

We were asked to design a site which would provide a very easy and user-friendly experience, both for potential clients and for the busy administrator.

The site admins side in particular has proved so successful, that the administrator has used our telephone support on only two occasions since site launch several months ago, and then only to clarify minor details.

Proper job. Make mine a Millionaire Shortbread.

Visit the website:

“We at Caley Marina have found Plexus Media extremely knowledgeable in the needs of its customer and have been supported ably and efficiently by Jamie.”

Gordon Eddie, Caley Boats
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Can I just take the opportunity to say again how pleased we've been with the site, how well it met our rather demanding brief, and that your customer service is second-to-none as well.

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