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  Core Forest Sites

Core Forest Sites

The Core Forest web site was the the final stage of the Core Forest Project, an EU funded project set up to nurture and network, with the message that healthy native forests are good for both people and wildlife. This involved 12 different forest sites across Scotland, and had input from many organisations including Scottish Natural Heritage, Forest Enterprise, Forestry Commission Scotland, Central Scotland Countryside Trust, Scottish Water, Forest Research and South Lanarkshire Council. The ultimate aim was to help the survival of native tree species and precious woodlands.

Plexus was originally asked to quote for and develop a multimedia CD-Rom as a project roundup and report. However, as we became more familiar with the project complexities, and the material that was to be included, we advised that a web site would be a better vehicle for disseminating this information. Amongst the many advantages of using a web site instead of a CD was that the project administrator would be able to continue updating and amending the material even after the project was complete.

Much of the interface and user experience is based on the large collection of superb photographs which had been created for the project, and this enabled us to provide attractive downloads for site users, including screensavers and desktop images.

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