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  Cosy Cosies

Cosy Cosies

Jane, youngest sister of Plexus Director Colin Dunn, has recently launched a new business - Cosy Cosies - specialising in handmade fabric Tea Cosies, Hot Water Bottle Cosies, and Gadget Cosies for Apple's iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Plexus have designed and built a new online shop for Cosy Cosies, where buyers from around the world can browse the beautiful products and fabric designs used, as well as learning more about Jane, her textile design background, and the wee town where she lives and works - Cromarty.

Cosy Cosies was launched in March 2010, and products initially sold just from the Cromarty Pottery shop. With the site now officially live, Jane hopes that her beautiful products will find a place in many homes across the UK and beyond.

Visit the website:

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