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  Coupers Creek

Coupers Creek

Having designed and built a new website for the renowned Sutor Creek Restaurant in Cromarty, we were asked to buid one for their Coupers Creek Cafe too. We designed the new site to be consistent instyling to the Sutro Creek site, and to feature the same fast adn simple CMS so that Phaobe and Graems could focus on theor core business instead of wrestlign with a complicated admin system. The result? A very elegant site that looks clean, styking shd professional, and lets updates be done quickly and easily.

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Rants . . .

Dave's Rants - Mindless Throwaway Music, the word 'cool', TV News, the word 'entrepreneur, Planning Regulations, and more.

Colin's Rants - Leaf Blowers, Sports Exhausts, DVD Players, and other irritations.

Garve's Rants - Weather presenters and their misuse of the English language.

Jamie's Rants - Coming Soon. Promise

Gill's Rants - Coming Soon, if she can but overcome her natural modesty and retiring nature.


The design, layout and functionality of our new site work exceptionally well for us. Colin designed a site that was exactly what we were looking for. It was a pleasure working with designers who are professional, understanding and creative.

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