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  Cromarty, Living by the Sea

Cromarty, Living by the Sea

Cromarty Living By The Sea was a project close to our hearts - literally. Being based in the town we are keen that its history, culture and people have a good web presence (See our Cromarty Image Library, for instance), so when we were approached to develop a web site detailing the gathering and preserving of personal reminiscences of townspeople, we were delighted to be involved.

The project was originally devised as part of the Highlands 2007, Scotlands Year of Culture festival. However, it was also a timely reminder of Cromarty's age-old link with the sea. Stories, anecdotes, memories and poems by people of all ages were gathered, with complementary photographs and artwork prepared, and a book published and sold. A complementary web site was considered as the best medium for disseminating this material across a wider area, and for gathering follow-up comments and opinions.

Visit the website:

I just wanted to say what an excellent experience it was, working with Plexus on the 'Cromarty - Living by the Sea' website. You were always so quick, efficient and professional, but combined this with a friendly, "that's no trouble at all" approach that was very reassuring as I raised question after question as deadlines loomed. It goes without saying that the design and operation of the website is first-rate. What I hadn't expected was your willingness to fine-tune it, after the account had been settled, at your own expense.

I know that you regarded this job as a bit different, as it was a community project involving your own community, but I'd recommend you (and shall do so) to anyone, anywhere, wanting to set up something similar. Congratulations, and thank you all once again - especially Colin and Jamie.

Fran Tilbrook, Cromarty, Living by the Sea
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We are all very happy with the new website. I will definitely recommend you to anyone I know in the future!

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