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Gallery48 in Cromarty specialises in high quality and designer giftware, crafts, jewellery and accessories, as well as exhibiting paintings, limited-edition prints and other artwork by artists from across the north.

Having opened in 2015, their website was pretty basic - did the job in the early days, but was no longer really working well for the majority of users most of whom view websites on mobile devices. Enter Wordpress.

We were asked to develop a new site for the business targeted specifically at mobile users, and opted to use the Wordpress platform. The result is an elegant, simple and classy site that works as well on ‘phones as it does on desktop computers. In addition, the Wordpress CMS, whilst not as user-friendly as our own WebStarter CMS, permits easy and quick updates to information, images and news stories.

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They designed the perfect website, and we have received so many great comments about it. Its eye catching and professional looking, but so easy to update and manage by non techies like us Read More...

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