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  Highland Horn

Highland Horn

Martin Hyslop, the north's premier supplier of horn and horn-related products, is a very busy man. With a growing business and rapidly expanding list of satisified customers from all over the world, the last thing that he needed was a web site so complicated and hard to edit that he had to take time off from paying work to administer it. So, wisely, he came to Plexus.

We developed a simple, but powerful site for him, incorporating an easy-to-manage shopping cart system that suits his specific needs. In tandem with our WebStarter CMS, this lets Martin make changes quickly, keep his online stock list up-to-date, and get on with his normal work secure in the knowledge that the site is promoting his business and service effectively.

The result? He's now even busier than before ;)

Visit the website:

Once we booked our "build slot", Plexus quickly put flesh on the bones of an idea for our slightly non standard approach to e- commerce.  Now we've got exactly what we want for a very reasonable fee and with all the reassuring back up and expertise you could wish for on a phone call.

Martin Hyslop, Highland Horn
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I always thought websites were only for the sort of people who always had a tame geek around - until I discovered Spanglefish! Their websites are so easy to use that a child of 5 could probably build a better site than any of the four I have now set up. One's for our village hall, another for the local newsletter, one's for my business and one's a personal site about gardening. They're all entirely different, but all use the standard Spanglefish template. Read More...

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