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  Highland Horn

Highland Horn

Martin Hyslop, the north's premier supplier of horn and horn-related products, is a very busy man. With a growing business and rapidly expanding list of satisified customers from all over the world, the last thing that he needed was a web site so complicated and hard to edit that he had to take time off from paying work to administer it. So, wisely, he came to Plexus.

We developed a simple, but powerful site for him, incorporating an easy-to-manage shopping cart system that suits his specific needs. In tandem with our WebStarter CMS, this lets Martin make changes quickly, keep his online stock list up-to-date, and get on with his normal work secure in the knowledge that the site is promoting his business and service effectively.

The result? He's now even busier than before ;)

Visit the website:

Once we booked our "build slot", Plexus quickly put flesh on the bones of an idea for our slightly non standard approach to e- commerce.  Now we've got exactly what we want for a very reasonable fee and with all the reassuring back up and expertise you could wish for on a phone call.

Martin Hyslop, Highland Horn
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At Knockomie Hotel we were delighted with the professionalism and speed with which Plexus Media approached the design and creation of our website. The ability to have full control of the site with the minimum amount of training require... We are delighted to consider Plexus Media as one our essential partners in business. Read More...

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