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  Odyssey Conservation

Odyssey Conservation

Odyssey is a  conservation organisation focussing on conservation through empowering women and communities. With projects in Africa, South America and India, it’s vital that they are able to provide timely information to their sponsors and donors. Their old website had done this fairly well over the years, but was an old-fashioned design not really suited to use on mobile devices. In addition, updating the site was kludgy and difficult.

We were asked to create a bright, stunning-looking new site using large images, larger more accessible font sizes, and a fully ‘responsive’ design to ensure compatibility on mobile phones, and tablets.

In addition it was crucial that the Odyssey administrator should have a really easy-to-use site admin system. For a busy organisation such as Odyssey, being able to edit the site quickly and easily, and leave more time to focus on actual conservation efforts, is very important. Our bespoke ‘WebStarter’ CMS provides all the admin tools they ned to get the job done, and get it done quickly and well.

Visit the website:

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Plexus are an extremely easy bunch to work with...... nothing is a trouble. Really happy with the simplicity of our Glenshee Tourist Association website and the ease of workability. Thanks Plexus.

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