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  Old Manse B&B, Kildary

Old Manse B&B, Kildary

Neale and Linda have been renovating the Old Manse, Kildary, and converting into a high quality self-catering and B&B establishment. Located near Kildary, it is ideally situated for guest touring the north east of Scotland, on their way north to Orkney and Shetland, or travelling south.

Renovations of this prestigious and elegant Georgian building have taken Neale and Linda a lot of time and work, so the last thing they needed was a website that would add significantly to their already busy schedules. They asked us to design a website for them that would reflect the elegance of their property, but also be so easy for them to manage and update that they could focus on running their business rather than wrestling with a CMS.

We believe we have satisfied their need and site specifications fully, and wish them well with their new business venture.

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We have found Plexus to be very helpful during the development of our website and also training us in the use of the web admin system. The website content is very easy and straightforward to manage. We are pleased to support a local company that provides a quality and value for money service.

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