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  Pat Munro Homes

Pat Munro Homes

Plexus were contacted by Pat Munro (Alness) Ltd in late Spring. We’d previously redesigned their main company site before the mobile revolution exploded, and they now wanted a top-level website to promote their rapidly-expanding Home Building division. The main elements of the development were that it should be really visually appealing, and fully responsive to ensure compatibility with desktops, tablets and smartphones. In addition, key functionality was to furnish a system for displaying development site maps with ‘hotspots’ for available houses, and provide a CMS that would let PMH’s team update and manage this easily.

This was quite a challenging piece of design and programming due to the fact that it has to work as well on small hand-held devices as on large desktop screens. Fortunately, Plexus have gained a lot of experience at this level of programming over the last few years, and the results have proved extremely effective.

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We are all delighted with our new website and would recommend Plexus to anyone. Plexus grasped what our organisation is all about very quickly and were able to translate that into a professional-looking brand for our website that would appeal to the right market for us. Read More...

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