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  Scottish Bootcamp

Scottish Bootcamp

Scottish Bootcamp offer women-only weight loss camps to get fit and shape up in just 7 days. Whether you’re a bride-to-be, need a bikini body blast or simply want to look and feel your very best, Scottish Boot Camp will make it happen, quickly. The aim of their week long course is for you to lose a dress size and up to 8 lbs, with a structured programme of military style discipline combined with a balanced nutritional diet. All this and more is set against the beautiful and rugged background of the Scottish Highlands.

Their new website allows them to easily add, edit and maintain the pages on their website using our WebStarter online administration system.

Visit the website:

Plexus was recommended to us when we were looking for a web design company for our new business start up. From the onset, we found the guys always delivered what we asked, in a professional and friendly manner, and most importantly for us, on time. In fact, they were the only company we dealt with during our business set up who never let us down(don’t even mention the banks!). The suggestions regarding design and photography were always appropriate and effective, as you can see by the end result of a fantastic, creative and easy to use website. On-going support is always readily available (what do you mean you’ll send us the bill!), and they even shared their tea and buns with us once.

Sara Dwyer, Scottish Bootcamp

“The Team at Plexus are the most professional guys I’ve worked with outside the military.”

Alistair Duncan, Scottish Bootcamp
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We thought we had a good idea but the key would be ease of updating and a user-friendly interface. Plexus not only made our idea a reality on the web, as the first part of the creative solution, but most importantly also gave us the tools to manage the site effectively. And they were approachable, patient and confidence-inspiring along the way.

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