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  SCSAstro Astronomy Shop

SCSAstro Astronomy Shop

Plexus were approached by SCSAstro partly through Colin's interest in the problem of light pollution. For some years Kieron at SCSAstro had been creating and managing his web site using a desktop software tool, but with rapid technological change and ever more competitive online business, he felt the time was right for a more modern content-managed solution keenly coded to maximise search engine prominence and user-friendliness.
The new SCSAstro site includes many more logical and user-friendly features, enables Kieron to manage his range of online products more efficiently, and provides a  smoother, quicker shopping experience for his customers.

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Rants . . .

Dave's Rants - Mindless Throwaway Music, the word 'cool', TV News, the word 'entrepreneur, Planning Regulations, and more.

Colin's Rants - Leaf Blowers, Sports Exhausts, DVD Players, and other irritations.

Garve's Rants - Weather presenters and their misuse of the English language.

Jamie's Rants - Coming Soon. Promise

Gill's Rants - Coming Soon, if she can but overcome her natural modesty and retiring nature.


Can I just take the opportunity to say again how pleased we've been with the site, how well it met our rather demanding brief, and that your customer service is second-to-none as well.

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