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  SPARKS Programme

SPARKS Programme

The SPARKS Programme is an initiative that enables local authorities in the UK and EU member states to collaborate as they seek to resolve issues concerning cross-border enforcement of civil traffic contraventions. Organisations involved in SPARKS believe that vehicle owners who break national civil and criminal traffic laws should be treated equally, no matter their citizenship or where their vehicle is registered.

Up to mid 2007, the SPARKS Programme's web site was a section buried within a huge London council web site. With an increasing emphasis on EU member parking problems in the UK, they decided that the time was right for SPARKS to have its own, high quality web presence. Having seen some of the sites we've worked on over the years, they approached Plexus to develop their site using design elements prepared by their own designer.

Like most organisations, SPARKS is simply too busy to spend time faffing around with a user-unfriendly content management system. Fortunately, Plexus have developed our own CMS over the last 8 years, and we believe this to be the easiest to use CMS around - something born out by literally thousands of happy users.

For the sector that SPARKS operates in it is more than usually important that their site be seen to be professional and credible. Through a process of design and feedback a finished page template was developed, the site built, specialist functionality programmed, and the site launched. All in a very tight schedule and to cost.

Visit the website:

“Thank you for a good job on the website. It’s great.”

Bill Blakemore, PEP Partnership, SPARKS Programme
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