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  St Magnus International Festival

St Magnus International Festival

Plexus has a long, happy and succesful relationship with customers in the Orkney Isles, both for bespoke websites and turnkey solutions for community projects. We were delighted in late 2014 to be asked to tender for a new website for the world-famous St Magnus International Festival, and even happier when we won the contract. This is a justifiably world-renowned festival, and we were keen to get our teeth into developing a site that would do it proud.

The previous website for the festival had done sterling service, but was very long in the tooth. Based on plain vanilla HTML and with only very limited editing capabilities it had fallen behind the curve in terms of technology, usability and formatting.

In addition, the site was proving especially problematic for users of mobile devices. With the exponential growth of devices such as the iPhone, iPad and Android devices, the user demographics of the site had changed and the expectations of the users likewise. The time was right for a complete rebuild.

Plexus have built the new site from the ground up to be user-friendly on all platforms. The design is a 'responsive' one adapting the presentation of the information to suit the device used. So the site is as pleasant and easy to navigate on the screen of a smartphone as it is on the widescreen of a high-end desktop computer.

Plexus have also built the latest version of our CMS into the site so that the festival administrators can update all of the content quickly and easily and at the drop of a hat as circumstances change and events and courses added.

We believe that this is now one of the best sites we have developed and are confident that it provides St Magnus International Festival with an attractive and robust website platform for the years ahead.

Visit the website:

“Can I just take the opportunity to say again how pleased we've been with the site, how well it met our rather demanding brief, and that your customer service is second-to-none as well.”

Leslie Burgher, St Magnus International Festival
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I just wanted to say what an excellent experience it was, working with Plexus on the 'Cromarty - Living by the Sea' website. You were always so quick, efficient and professional, but combined this with a friendly, "that's no trouble at all" approach that was very reassuring as I raised question after question as deadlines loomed. It goes without saying that the design and operation of the website is first-rate. Read More...

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