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  The Torridon

The Torridon

Plexus has had a long and happy relationship with the prestigious and award-winning Loch Torridon Hotel, both when it was operated by David and Geraldine Gregory, and since it has been run by their son-in-law Dan and his wife Rohaise Rose-Bristow. We have designed and managed their web site in several iterations since the late 1990s as the hotel's reputation has continued to grow, and they have garnered a series of prestigious awards.

In late 2007 Dan and Rohaise decided that the time had come for a major redesign of all of the hotel's branding. Over the years their areas of business have grown to encompass outdoor activities and holiday accommodation, as well as their core sectors of luxury hotel accommodation and multi-award-winning restaurant, and this needed to be reflected more cohesively in their branding and marketing material.

2Bcreative were contracted to devise a completely new marketing strategy and design styling for the business, with Plexus responsible for implementing this online. Their new site, featuring stunning photographs by John Paul Photography, now provides a single marketing message across five different product sectors, and includes our powerful, but very easy-to-use content management system (CMS), which let's Dan easily and quickly update all areas of the site. Additionally, a very powerful and configurable Newsletter system has been built into the site which lets Dan manage subscriptions and distribute high quality and cost-effective e-newsletters which he knows are fully compatible with email programs across multiple platforms.

Dan is a very hands-on site administrator, with a full realisation of the importance of good web marketing. Not content to rest on his laurels, he diligently monitors feedback from the site, and the built-in statistics tracking system is a powerful weapon in his arsenal.

The Torridon continues to go from strength to strength, and with this site, our programming and site development skills, and 2Bcreative strong branding design, they are set to continue to build on their great success as one of the top luxury hotels in the UK.

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