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  Tusk Trust 2013

Tusk Trust 2013

Plexus has had a successful and productive relationship with the estimable charity, Tusk Trust, for 10 years. So we were delighted when Charlie Mayhew of Tusk asked us to come up with a completely new design for their site to reflect the changes that have taken place in their organisation, and the new challenges they face.

Since Spring 2013 Plexus have been working in close collaboration with Lydia and Sarah at Tusk to come up with a fresh, new and modern design for their site whihc would reflect the increasing sophistication of their web users, but also make learing about Tusk easier and more fulfilling. The new site was launched in early Sepetmber 2013, and although we the organisation continue's to upgrade the system, we already think this is one of the best, and best-looking, sites we've done.

Visit the website:

“Everyone is loving the new site. Rave reviews coming in! Thanks a million for everything.”

Lydia, Tusk Trust 2013
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