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Facebook apps hotlinking to images.

Somewhat annoyed to find that a group of Facebook Apps has been hotlinking to a photo of a bus on one of our image library sites hosted on Amazon S3 for at least a month. It was downloaded 75,000 times yesterday, 4GB of data transfer costing us about 50p per day. It means I'm going to have to start monitoring all my S3 traffic to find out if this is happening in other cases in the future.

I've changed the image to an advert for our system now - perhaps that'll stop them. The Apps seem to be part of a Portuguese language 'App creation system', with names like 'O que devo fazer hoje?' An example page is this one, where all the pictures at the bottom are stealing bandwidth from other people's websites.

Instead of the picture of the bus we are now showing an advert for our system (with a much smaller file size), so hopefully they'll get the message. I'm currently trying to find out how to report this to Facebook, assuming it breaks their T&Cs. I'm not hopeful though - I don't think FB care much about things like this.
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