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Spanglefish Free & Budget Websites

Spanglefish - FREE and budget websitesPlexus's core business is in developing high quality, bespoke websites for clients who want a designed site and provides any specific functionality they need. We're very, very good at this, and over the last 14 years we've helped many hundreds of happy customers make their businesses a success.

But what about someone on a very tight budget?

Many new businesses or community groups have limited budgets for their website, or in many cases no budget at all. They'd like a good looking site that's easily editable too, but simply can't afford one. So what about them?

Well, for them we've created Spanglefish

 Spanglefish - Edward Caswell      Spanglefish - Highland Archaeology     Spanglefish - The Lifepool

Launched 5 years ago, and now with over 30,000 subscribers all around the world, our Spanglefish system provides free websites to almost anyone who wants or needs one (subsidised by Google Ads), or a low annual fee 'Spanglefish Gold' option (just £29.95) for those wanting their sites to look more professional by removing the adverts. Spanglefish is a simple yet highly capable system which includes hosting and a full content management system so that users can sign-up, edit their site, add their content, and have a professional looking site up and running in just a few hours.

We also offer Spanglefish 'Platinum', an add-on service we provide for just £399 (inc VAT), where we customise the graphic design and add initial content for the client to get them up and running with a professional-looking site.

Learn More about Spanglefish

  • Spanglefish Free - sign up for a FREE website.
  • Spanglefish Gold - just £29.95 inc vat per annum switches the Google Ads off, and gives you more functionality and... a far more professional look.
  • Spanglefish Platinum - just £449 inc vat for a professional 'Plexus' designed Spanglefish website, using your initial content added and the site ready to go.
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We are all delighted with our new website and would recommend Plexus to anyone. Plexus grasped what our organisation is all about very quickly and were able to translate that into a professional-looking brand for our website that would appeal to the right market for us. Read More...

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