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Plexus Bun Buyer's Hall of Fame

Here are some of the lovely people who have bought us buns . . .

... and a few more recent wonderful people who were temporarily lost in the ether for a while (sorry about that - it was all down to an overenthusiastic spam filter!). However, all has been resolved now and your names have been added to our hall of fame. Please keep up the good work everyone. After all, you wouldn't want our bodies to fade away in the middle of an important web build would you?

18 July 2018 - order detailsStan Bolton
Thank goodness. As well as a water drought... our skeletal forms were all hunched over our keyboards with eyes and bellies bulging from malnourishment. But then, a miracle, a new consignment of buns arrived courtesy of Stan (the man!) who has once again saved us and guarenteed the world many more days of web based excellence. I can even feel my taste buds coming back to life! Thank you Stan. The Plexus Staff salute you.
08 March 2018 - order detailsKathleen Butcher
Kathleen, Kathleen, Kathleen (or should we call you Katie?). Who cares really because let's face it... you're a lifesaver from across the waters and boy are we grateful. After all, Friday is wind down day and what better way to do that than with a bun and a refreshing cup of tea! And... thanks to your generous contribution this morning that's exactly what we did. I raced out, and grabbed the selection (gently pushing my way to the front of the queue to receive a 'fab bag of buns' from the ever smiling Cromarty Bakery Staff (who we clearly help keep in their jobs!). Many, many thanks Katie
07 March 2018 - order detailsStan Bolton
Stan, you are an absolute STAR! Not only did you appreciate and review our website in glowing terms... you also decided to put your hand in your pocket and contribute to the health and well-being of the Plexus Crew by buying us buns (no calories were harmed whilst writing/eating this note!)
12 February 2018 - order detailsBarry Ray
Well Wow! 30 Buns for the staff at Plexus! Is that not just the best thing ever (since the last time someone bought us loads of buns, of course!). Anyhow, the wonderful Barry has been kind enough to replenish our stock of buns for the coming week or two, and boy... are we grateful. (not to mention rather full and wiping icing from around our mouths) :-)
05 December 2017 - order detailsAlan Hoseason
The truly wonderful Alan Hoseason from Highlife Highland has helped us celebrate the festive season by buying us all a bun. What a gent we cried as we raced off to the local bakery with his money tightly clasped in our sweaty little hands. Several hot mince pies later (and a rock bun), we sat back in the office with sticky fingers and Xmas smiles on our faces. Thank You Alan.
08 May 2017 - order detailsDan Bucknell
Thanks Dan. Some much needed buns!
16 March 2016 - order detailsAndrea Borsden
Thanks Andrea. Another few hours and we would have collapsed through lack of bun intake. Phew!
24 June 2014 - order detailsMaarten DeVries
I admit it, we were struggling. Days without a bun and then... like a knight in shining armour coming over the hillside on a white stallion (phew), Mr DeVries comes to the rescue and supplies us with a chelsea bun, a chocolate cupcake, a rock bun and... a delicious apple and custard danish. Fab!
19 March 2014 - order detailsJoel Mason-Houck
You are a star Joel! It's mid-week at the Plexus Web Machine and we were definitely suffering the mid-week blues. However, Joel's kind donation has boosted us no end and I know we can now make it to the end of the day!
18 March 2014 - order detailsHerricks Handknits
Wee-Hee! Off to the bun shop yet again. Thank you so much Herricks Handknits.
14 February 2014 - order detailsAndrea Borsden
It's Monday morning and with tired weekend faces (too much partying) we dragged ourselves to our desks to start our new weeks work. At which point we were delighted to find that the wonderful Andrea Borsden of Selbie Art had selflessly hit the 'buy buns' button to ensure that the Plexus Team are fully energised and ready to take on whatever comes at them in the coming week. Huge thanks Andrea. They're all very much appreciated. Please excuse the crumbs.
14 January 2014 - order detailsMarion Rhind
Many thanks to Marion for keeping the Plexus teem topped up with great selection of gastronomic delicacies. What would we do without you!
13 January 2014 - order detailsMartin Bowie
A delicious selection to kick start a Monday morning. There's nothing better than a huge, Cromarty Bakery Apple Tart to start the week. I can feel it coursing through my body.
17 December 2013 - order detailsLorraine Evans
Ooooh, Lorraine! You really know how to please us! An almond Danish to start the day. Life doesn't get much better!
02 December 2013 - order detailsMaarten DeVries
Thanks Maarten. The banoffee tart was wonderful (And as long as I can get the stains out my shirt before my wife sees them... all will be well!)
27 November 2013 - order detailsCaston Web Designs
Thank you so much for your tantalising bun donation Brian. Yummy!
03 October 2013 - order detailsColin A MacPhail
Many thanks to Colin for buying two lots of buns (Chelsea Buns and Dream Rings). Very much appreciated Colin! :-)
21 September 2013 - order detailsWarwick Lister-Kaye
It may have been the weekend but... what a surprise to come in on the Monday morning to discover four fantastic apple pies had been purchased on our behalf by our friends at Aigas. It was all the stimulation needed to get the week underway. Forget singing 'I don't like Monday's', think 'Monday's are for me'!
01 August 2013 - order detailsN & H Davidson
A perfectly times order of buns from the Davidsons to kick start the new month of August. I can already sense that it's going to be a good one (and creamy too!)
22 July 2013 - order detailsCarolyn Fea
Monday morning and all is well wioth the world. Why? Because the wonderful Carolyn Fea (possibly a relation to one of our own hear in Plexus) has kicked off the week with a contribution of 6 incredible buns from our local Bakery (or calorie)shop. So, dearest Caroline, you are definitely now one of our favourite people!
13 May 2013 - order detailsBrian Brooker
Brian uses our Spanglefish system to create websites for his own use, such as this one for his local camera club, but also as the web designer for his own clients. He's probably our most experienced Spanglefish user, and although based in Norfolk he once came up to Cromarty and took Garve out for lunch!

Brian often pushes Spanglefish to its limits, using CSS and jQuery to make some very professional sites.
27 March 2013 - order detailsJohn Gordon
John runs Garden Displays, a gardening service based in Angus, and contacted us recently, looking for a website for his company.

His main need was for a brochure site for his company, so we recommended that a site on our Spanglefish system would do nicely. Rather than build it himself ('cos Spanglefish lets you do that for free, just in case you didn't know!), he commissioned Colin to come up with a design and set the site up initially - a service we call Spanglefish Platinum. It's an inexpensive and painless way for a small business to get a great looking site!

Thanks for the buns John!
20 March 2013 - order detailsMaarten de Vries
Maartin, or as we at Plexus know him, the 'Technology King' has, ever since arriving on these shores all those years ago, maintained a healthy interest for the wellbeing of Plexus Media. This has been unfaltering. This has been further assured as he's now joined the ranks of the GODS by buying us buns. What a guy!

We love you Maarten! (they say brushing crumbs from their worktops!)

You should go check out Maarten's astronomy website too!

06 March 2013 - order detailsJoel Houck
Joel Houck, a once adopted son of our wonderful town of Cromarty has thrown in his support for Plexus by dipping deep into his wallet and buying us buns to ensure that we keep on singing while we work.

Joel is also a wonderful craftsman. See 'Small swords for sale'

Many thanks Joel. You're a star!
06 March 2013 - order detailsAlan Hoseason
Having visited our office a number of times, Alan has a good idea of our bun requirements! We worked with Alan on his (no longer live) Coaching Highland website some years ago, and are currently building a back-office system for him for High Life Highland.

Alan also has a Spanglefish site advertising his cute wee self-catering property in Drumnadrochit, near to Loch Ness - see Crossroads Cottage for more info.

Thanks Alan!
05 March 2013 - order detailsAngus Dunn
Angus is apparently related to one of the staff here at Plexus, although everyone denies any knowledge of this.

However, lineage aside, Angus is a great supporter of our little company and is the man who helped make the Plexus work environment - he built our giant desk!
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