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Media Archives

Over the last few years, Plexus Media have built up a solid reputation for building Image Libraries and Media Archives.

Beginning with the premise that most people like to browse and talk about pictures and other media, Plexus set about creating software that gave huge flexibility and interactivity within 'online' media archives. The result was our web-based 'Image Library' archiving system which has now been taken up many communities all over the UK and beyond.

The Cromarty Archive - one of Plexus Image Library projects

The core of the system is the emphasis on enabling visitors to an Image Library to contribute both images and comments, and we have found that this taps into a huge reservoir of local memories, both from local people and those who havbe moved away or abroad. Reminiscences, recollections and history are easily recorded and build up organically, enabling a community to quickly record the history of their community or topic and make it availabel to a wide audience. Users of all ages contribute, offering the added value of generational involvement, with older contributors able to connect with younger ones through their shared history or community.

Our biggest client to date is in the Netherlands which has over 10,000 images and nearly 40,000 public comments, but that is juts one of many we have set up over the years, some based on a single community, others on a shared interest such as fire engines or railways.

Visit some of our Image Libraries - see how effective they can be

Local Communities or History:

  • The Cromarty Archive - Our first Image Library and setup for our home town of Cromarty. Over the last 10 years or so it has built up a collection of more than 2900 photos and nearly 6,500 comments from local people but also from 'Croms' who've moved away or abroad but still have memories of the old place they want to pass on to future generations.
  • The Eindhoven Image Library - the largest of our community-based image libraries, and mainatained by Frans Gommers who is based in Eindhoven, it currently holds in excess of 23,000 images and more3 than 93,000 comments! Sadly, and after considerbale investment by us, it has proved so succesful in recording the architecture and memories of the people of Eindhoven that some people in Eindhoven decided copy the idea and 'borrowed' all of the content from our site to get started. Unfortunately, legal processes in Holland were too expensive for us to be able to close this copycat site down.
  • Dornoch Historylinks Image Library - The Dornoch Historylinks Museum Image Library provides access to the museum object collection, with brief details extracted from the museum catalogue. Currently has more than 10,000 image online, with nearly 800 comments. The curators of Historylinks have said it has proved to be one of their most effective community involvement and marketing tools.

'Hobby' themed Image Libraries

  • Fire Engine Photos - over 20,000 images and 28,000 comments from firefighters and fire-fighter hobbiests around the world. This site is visited every day by hundreds of fire-engine enthusiasts.
  • Oil Rig Photos - a collection of oil rig and related oil industry photos, with an enthusiastic audience of riggers young and old from around the world. 1100 pictures and more than 2100 user comments.
  • Tractor Photos - 2400+ images and 1200 comments from tractor and farming equipment enthisiasts from many countries.

If you are interested in using our Image Library system to set up your own local community archive, please contact us.

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