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Mouthing Off

As our clients will know, we all have strong opinions here at Plexus. This section provides us with the opportunity to vent a little spleen, parade our peccadilloes, and have the occasional rant about something that really gets our goats.

Read about rip-offs or scamss we've come across and that have irritated us over the years - from PC support scammers to Passing Off.

Dave, Colin and Garve all like to vent a little spleen now and then, and this seems to become more common as we get older . .

Dave's Rants . .

Colin's Rants . .

Garve's Rants . .

Jamie's Rants - Oops. None so far. He's a bit younger than the others so hasn't yet developed the curmudgeonly reactions necessary for having a damned good rant and rail about the inequities of the world and how annoying other people are. Soon, perhaps.

Gill's Rants - Gill has her fair share of irritations and bugbears, but has so far resisted the temptation to write about it. We'll see what we can do to encourage a littler vituperation and invective and then point her at the website.

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Rants . . .

Dave's Rants - Mindless Throwaway Music, the word 'cool', TV News, the word 'entrepreneur, Planning Regulations, and more.

Colin's Rants - Leaf Blowers, Sports Exhausts, DVD Players, and other irritations.

Garve's Rants - Weather presenters and their misuse of the English language.

Jamie's Rants - Coming Soon. Promise

Gill's Rants - Coming Soon, if she can but overcome her natural modesty and retiring nature.


Thank you for a good job on the website. It’s great.

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