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Shetland Camping Bods - Economic self-catering accommodation, Shetland

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Shetland Camping Bods - Economic self-catering accommodation, ShetlandCamping Böds are the original bothies/houses used by the fishermen of Shetland to sort their fishing gear. These have now been converted to affordable self-catering accommodation. The first camping Böds opened in l992 and more are planned to create a network throughout the Shetland Islands.

The original Shetland Camping Böds website was developed by Plexus back in 2001. They wanted an updated design and the ability to easily add, edit and delete the pages on their website. The new website has gone live today, with a dynamic error page to ensure they don't loose any inbound links in the process of changing from the old site static html website to the new dynamically driven website. It also incorporates the old interactive panoramas into the new website.

In addition to our usual admin system, the new website uses custom google maps to locate the camping böds, these are easily maintained using the admin system.

More information - Shetland Camping Bods


We thought we had a good idea but the key would be ease of updating and a user-friendly interface. Plexus not only made our idea a reality on the web, as the first part of the creative solution, but most importantly also gave us the tools to manage the site effectively. And they were approachable, patient and confidence-inspiring along the way.

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