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Plexus create voting system for Rotary International in Britain & Ireland

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That's another feather in our cap! We were asked some time ago to come up with an online voting system for the North of Scotland district of Rotary International - the idea being that local clubs could elect the officebearers using the web rather than by post.

Our specification for this was brought to the attention of the national organisation, RIBI, which covers the whole of Britain and Ireland. They asked us if we could create a system all their districts could use, and indeed one which could be used for national elections.

We did, and now it has been. The election for RIBI board members to serve over the next 3 years closed last week and the results have been calculated.

The winner is.... .... ....

Well, we'll leave that to RIBI themselves to announce. The system allows administrators to create elections, electoral registers, lists of candidates etc.

Voters receive an email 'polling card' with a link allowing them to place their vote using an online ballot paper. Elections use the Single Transferrable Vote system.

This election involved the secretaries of all Rotary Clubs throughout the UK and Ireland - over 1,800 voters. Votes are weighted depending upon the size of the club, and (for the psephologists out there) uses the Droop quota and Meek counting method. STV sounds simple, but in multi-seat constituencies it really isn't!

We're delighted at having created such a system for a national organisation, especially one as worthy as the Rotary organisation.

More information - Rotary Voting


You have been very professional and consistent in getting this job completed and, perhaps more than anything, you do what you say you are going to do.

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