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Spanglefish FREE websites signup process gets an overhaul

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Spanglefish FREE websites signup process gets an overhaulOur Spanglefish FREE websites system has been a tremendous success. We've already had over 10,600 sign-ups. However, we did feel the main website where people signed up for their website was starting to feel a little dated.

So we've built a new version using our webstarter 5 content management system. We aimed to make the signup process as simple as possible. The website also highlights some great looking websites which have been built using Spanglefish and testimonials from our happy users.

So if you need a free website to give you a web presence straight away, why haven't you signed up for a free spanglefish website already?

More information - Spanglefish


Everyone is loving the new site. Rave reviews coming in! Thanks a million for everything.

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