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Visit by Painted Dog Conservation UK

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We’ve been supporting Painted Dog Conservation in Africa since the early 2,000s, when Colin saw Tico McNutt’s ‘Newky - A Wild Dog’s Story’ documentary on TV. African wild dogs, which live in packs and require large territories, are struggling to survive, faced with the ‘double-whammy’ of reduced prey animals due to rapidly expanding farming, and extermination by trapping, snaring and poisoning. Thye are also killed by car collisions, and entire packs can are are wiped out by rabies epidemics. They really are just barely clining to existence - where there were once 200,000 across Africa, they are reduced to about 5,000 animasl scattered across a few African countries. Thye need all the help they can get.

Plexus have been supporting Painted Dog Conservation UK’s fundraising and conservation efforts for more than 10 years through hosting and managing their website free.

We recently built them a new Wordpress website to help them better to promote their efforts, and to help users by improving usability and accessibility.

Today we were visited by Derek Fry and his partner Sarah, who have been visiting the area and dropped in to say thanks, have a natter and coffee. They also very kindly dropped off this fine piece of wire sculpture made from fence wire and wire snares removed from wild habitats in Zimbabwe and reused to make saleable items like this.


The new site looks fantastic and already our visibility has increased significantly on Google... I would not hesitate to use them again in the future. Read More...

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