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Construction, Excavation and Demolition Breaks 1000!

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Construction, Excavation and Demolition Breaks 1000!Construction, Excavation and Demolition is one of our latest librapix image libraries. It is a website for enthusiasts of construction, excavation and demolition vehicles. Although the website only launched 2 months ago, the website now hosts over 1000 images of a wide variety of construction machinery.

The responsible adult for this image library is Jamie. Everyone in the Plexus office is responsible for at least one of our image libraries; Jamie runs Construction, Excavation and Demolition and Scottish Churches. Colin is currently maintaining image libraries for trucks and campervans. Garve runs image libraries for oil rigs, rope access, taxis and tractors. Whilst Dave is currently responsible for an image library on architectural features.

More information - Construction, Excavation and Demolition


We have found Plexus to be very helpful during the development of our website and also training us in the use of the web admin system. The website content is very easy and straightforward to manage. We are pleased to support a local company that provides a quality and value for money service.

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