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Facebook landing pages - now smaller!

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Many businesses use 'fan' pages to help promote themselves on the Facebook system, and some of these businesses are aware that they can create a 'landing page' using Facebook's Static FBML facility.

Up till now this FBML page allowed you a width of 760 pixels to play with, but starting later this month (Aug 2010) Facebook are reducing this to 520 pixels so that the pages can accommodate a left-hand column. This means that many business' landing pages are going to have the right hand third of their content effectively cut off. Some businesses use this area to show video or add a newsletter subscription form for instance, so this is likely to cause them some real problems.

If you are a fan page administrator with a landing page view it now whilst logged in and you'll already see the narrow version, although until the week of the 23rd, the public will still see the wider one. Facebook have done this to give you an opportunity to update your HTML so that when the change comes you can be ready for it.

We've updated our page already - see - it looks a little thin, but here's a screenshot of how it will look come the changeover.

If you need help in changing your HTML to fit the new layout, get in touch.

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