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Image Library Milestones

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After a little over two years in operation, the Cromarty Image Library now has over 1000 pictures in it from almost 100 different contributors. There are also over 1000 informative and interesting comments added by visitors, making the website a huge resource for anyone interested in the history of the local area. The success of the Cromarty site has spawned a number of others, including Invergordon, Orkney, Fortrose & Rosemarkie and lately, Inverness, all under our 'The Old Home Town' umbrella, with in total, 2500 pictures of the Highlands. The system has gained glowing praise from visitors all over the world, with one contributor saying of the Invergordon site, "This is the best site I have found after 3 years of browsing." Two more sites will be launched shortly, one for Argyll and the other, more adventurously, for Eindhoven in the Netherlands. If you would like a site for your community, please contact us. Depending upon how we set it up, it may not cost you anything at all!

I'd like to say thanks for the work you have done.  The site looks fantastic and works brilliantly.  The WebStarter CMS is easy to use.  And this has all been done quickly and efficiently - and a very reasonable price!  I'm pleased that we chose to work with Plexus and look forward to the opportunity to add further functionality to the site as our fundraising activity increases.

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