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Why are Dell doing this?

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We like Dell computers - we've bought a few of them and they work very well. We bought them online and we had no difficulty finding their website. We probably typed the address directly into our browser, or perhaps searched for Dell on Google. No problem. Paul Dell is a web designer, and seems to have been so for some time. He makes websites, like us. His website is He doesn't sell computers and there's no chance whatsoever that we would have gone to him for a Dell computer by mistake. No chance at all. So why are Dell Computers suing him for over 100,000 euros? Please Dell, as customers of yours we ask you to put a stop to this - it greatly lowers you in our esteem and will certainly adversely affect the likelyhood of us buying any more computers from you. We are a small web design company ourselves, and who says it couldn't happen to us. You can read more about this situation on a site created by a friend of Paul's. You can also donate a little cash to help him in what will be a very expensive legal battle if he decides to go ahead.

The new site looks fantastic and already our visibility has increased significantly on Google... I would not hesitate to use them again in the future. Read More...

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