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Black Isle Woodturning - new website

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Black Isle Woodturning - new website

Black Isle Woodturning recently took over the Ullapool Woodturning Centre when its proprietor retired, and Andy at Black Isle Woodturning was really struggling to manage its existing website with its ancient HTML code and very poor editing capabilities. Built using old etechnolgy some years ago, the site was also beginning to lose some of its histoprical search engine ranking as competitors with more modern sites began to overtake. Time for action.

Plexus have built Andy a smart, elegant new site that will help him maximise his site editing - speedy, easy updating, tools for SEO optimisation, and a CMS interface that lets him get the job done so he can get back to his core work.

Andy plans to expand the online catalogue section of the site in 'phase 2' in 2015, so Plexus's sophisticated and flexible programming foundation will make this a smooth and efficient process when the time comes.

More information - Black Isle Woodturning


Thank you for one of the best websites I have seen. Making fish-heads look sexy was a job I thought impossible but you guys have done it.

Nasar Rashid, Mapco, Mapco

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