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River Dee website updates

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River Dee website updates

Susan at the the Hutton Institute's River Dee Project contacted us asking if we could add some additional features and functionality to the website we had developed for them back in 2012. A new Forum/Guestbook facility was needed, as well as some modifications to aid accessibility - user demographics have changed dramatically over the last couple of years and more and more of their users now visit the site using tablets and smartphones.

Although we had built the original site to work well for these devices, as well as on desktop machines, there were some additional areas of accessibility and functionality that Susan wanted to add to enhance the experience, make navigation even easier, and boost the 'stickiness' of visitor traffic.

More information - Dee River


Plexus Media built us a great, easy to use website, in the time scale they promised, for the price they quoted. They also have great cakes!

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