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Aigas Field Centre

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Aigas Field CentreAigas Field Centre has been a Plexus client for several years, and products created for them include the highly regarded 'Aigd Aigas Experience' CD-Rom used to spearheaas marketing efforts in the US. However, Sir John Lister-Kaye, director of the world-renowned field centre, decided that the time had come for a major upgrade to take Aigas web marketing forward to the next level. Plexus Media were commissioned to undertake a completely new design, matched to powerful new back-end capabilities. Key to the administration capabilities are facilities for promoting and managing travel programmes, educational packages and ranger training. In addition the site includes systems to assist in handling and monitoring enquiries and in maintaining effective customer relationships.All of this has been achieved with Plexus' trademark ease-of-use for site users and administrator alike."Plexus grasped what our organization is all about very quickly and were able to translate that into a professional-looking brand for our website that would appeal to the right market for us. Plexus has helped us to create a dynamic site that will be the centre of our marketing strategy for the future."Amelia Lister-Kaye, Aigas Field Centre

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Thank you very much indeed for all your help, patience, advice and good humour in the design and construction of our website. We are absolutely thrilled with the finished product and have been receiving some great feedback and enthused responses from friends and clients that we have sent it to over the last few days. Amongst them are one or two web designers who are particularly impressed by the quality of the site's construction. It's a brilliant tool for us to have.

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