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Leah Ley-Wilson revamp

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Leah Ley-Wilson revampLLW, a specialist recruitment agency based in Inverness, are one of our oldest customers. The website we built for them back around 2001 has been very successful, but was built as a mainly static site using Adobe Go-Live and has become difficult to adapt to handle current needs.The new version of the site is much faster loading and has a number of additional functions - users can request a weekly email of new jobs, can tell friends about jobs and can even earn a reward if their friend is placed.The new structure will of course allow us much more flexibility to add more functions in the future.

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The website is working very well and I have had many compliments on it, and, more important, an increasing number of enquiries, sales and visitors to the gallery as a direct result. Everyone is saying how straightforward it is to navigate. Thank you indeed for doing such a good job and being so efficient, and easy and pleasant to work with!

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