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Crofters Commission Website Revamp

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Crofters Commission Website RevampThe Crofters Commission represents the crofting community interests of the Highlands and Islands of Scotland and advises Scottish Government Cabinet Secretaries on crofting issues.  They support development initiatives and look at alternative ways of using croft land.  Their ultimate aim is to help create crofting communities that are economically viable and socially vibrant.

Needing to revamp their website, the Commission came to 2b creative and Plexus Media. The website now includes FAQs, a Glossary, a large library of documents (and facility to manage ownership of these to ensure they are kept up to date), news and events pages.

More information - Crofting Commission


The website brings me a lot of business. It is often remarked upon by customers who are impressed at the professional look, so many thanks for building it so well!

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