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Skye & Lochalsh Environment Forum

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Skye & Lochalsh Environment Forum

New website lanuches for SLEF - Skye and Lochalsh Environmental Forum.

The SLEF Partnership objectives are as follows:

  • Dactylorhiza x formosa at The Plock of KyleTo promote and care for the biological diversity of the natural and cultural habitats throughout Skye and Lochalsh for the benefit of present and future generations.
  • To promote awareness, enjoyment, research and understanding, and sustainable use of the area's natural and cultural environment and biodiversity.
  • SLEF is a partnership of groups and individuals with an interest in the well-being of biodiversity and landscape throughout Skye and Lochalsh in particular, and the West Highlands of Scotland in general.
  • SLEF is one of eight groups formed in 2003 to define, publish and implement their Local Biodiversity Action Plans (LBAPs).

More information - SLEF - Skye & Lochalsh Environment Forum


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