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Plexus staff convert to Pastafarianism

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Our natural scepticism has been breached. We've always thought that Darwinism and Natural Selection gave a pretty good idea of how life, in all its variety, has developed over the last couple of billion years. However, we've now heard the Word of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, and have, as one man, converted to the one true faith - we are Pastafarians, and have been Touched by His Noodly Appendage. If you too would like to follow the true path and bask in His wisdom and glory, please visit the site below to learn more from his prophet here on Earth, Bobby Henderson. (Special thanks to the Kansas School Board)

I always thought websites were only for the sort of people who always had a tame geek around - until I discovered Spanglefish! Their websites are so easy to use that a child of 5 could probably build a better site than any of the four I have now set up. One's for our village hall, another for the local newsletter, one's for my business and one's a personal site about gardening. They're all entirely different, but all use the standard Spanglefish template. Read More...

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