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Coaching Highland Upgrade

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Coaching Highland UpgradeWe've just completed a major upgrade of the Coaching Highland website using version 5 of our WebStarter system - well to be honest, it's probably version 5.5 by now, and certainly holds some of the elements which will go into the next version of our system.

We're using jQuery in many of our sites now, to enhance the look and functionality of sites. On Coaching Highland you'll see a number of examples of this - a smooth slideshow in the header, animated menus which don't immediately disappear when your mouse slips off them and extensive validation in the forms used throughout the site.

The menu in particular was fun - split into two, the right-hand half holds pages available to members only. Coaching Highland can easily move pages in and out of this area as required.

More information - Coaching Highland


Thank you for one of the best websites I have seen. Making fish-heads look sexy was a job I thought impossible but you guys have done it.

Nasar Rashid, Mapco, Mapco

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