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Glasstorm Contemporary Glass Studio

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Glasstorm Contemporary Glass StudioBased in Tain, GLASSTORM has recently been established by the creative duo Brodie Nairn & Nichola Burns. Together they have created a vibrant new glass studio and gallery. We took their previously static design and updated it. The redesign maintains a consistent look throughout the website, which is flexible and completely editable. The website features a flash gallery and simple online shop for their products, which are both easily maintained by them.

More information - Glasstorm Studio


I always thought websites were only for the sort of people who always had a tame geek around - until I discovered Spanglefish! Their websites are so easy to use that a child of 5 could probably build a better site than any of the four I have now set up. One's for our village hall, another for the local newsletter, one's for my business and one's a personal site about gardening. They're all entirely different, but all use the standard Spanglefish template. Read More...

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